Building a Great Story through Brand

‘Brand’ – is it just the latest HR and OD buzz word, or an increasingly important business driver? Employer branding relates to an organisation’s reputation as an employer – it’s the way organisations differentiate themselves in the job market, enabling them to recruit, retain and engage the right people. A strong employer brand helps businesses compete for the best talent and establish credibility. An increasing focus is emerging however on Employee Branding – what your employees

We live in an increasingly changing world. Demographics are changing, as are generational experiences and expectations, which are now well-documented – think Generation X,Y,Z and onwards! In many sectors there are acute skills shortages, people are making lifestyle and wellbeing choices when considering their career, and technology is driving everything we do! We are increasingly seeing an end to the ‘permanent job’, and a rise in the ‘portfolio career’. Old jobs are disappearing and new jobs emerging, and the focus is increasingly on flexibility and transferrable skills.

‘So What’ you may say?

So … the best talent is in demand – and knows it! The best people need a reason to join your business – and a reason to stay. Leaders need to be able to build a great story that people want to be part of and are proud to tell others about. That’s how you produce your Brand ambassadors.

Ask yourself the following questions to assess whether you are keeping your talent connected to your organisation and your Brand:

Ø  Do people feel they are part of Something Big?

Ø  Do they know that they are making a contribution that Really Matters?

Ø  Are they happy that they are Recognised for their Contribution?

Ø  Do your people have a Sense of Belonging?

Ø  Do they feel that they are on a Meaningful Journey with you?

Forward thinking leaders will continually be considering these key drivers of engagement and ensuring that they know how to get the answers. Are you?

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Denise Kirkham


Distinctive People HR & OD Consultancy Ltd