Create a Coaching Culture

Developing a coaching style of leadership and a coaching culture is increasingly sought after as business leaders recognise the significant long-term benefits it offers for a relatively small investment.

Organisations are recognising how coaching conversations play a fundamental role in building trust, strengthening relationships, driving performance and changing behaviours for the long term. There’s overwhelming evidence highlighting the contribution a coaching culture makes, not only to developing organisational trust, but to creating high performance.

Using our 5-step model, we take time to understand your business and work in partnership with you, with flexible options at each stage to help you create and embed a sustainable coaching culture.

Stage 1 – Let’s design and co-create

Stage 2 – Engage Hearts and Minds, identify behaviours

Stage 3 – Key deliverables, what and how

Stage 4 – Making it stick

Stage 5 – How’s it going and what next?

If you’d like to discuss and explore how to create a coaching culture in your organisation contact one of our Coach Directors:

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Your culture is a combination of what you create and what you allow