One to One Executive and Leadership Coaching

We partner with you at critical points when you need help most and use coaching to unlock and boost the impact you have.

What might spark you to seek out coaching?

  • The excitement and slight tension about a new role, a new organisation or both
  • You’re on the cusp of a transformation project or merger and ready to elevate your leadership
  • It’s ‘change a go-go’, so time to revamp how you work, get results and keep everyone resilient and well
  • You’re feeling overwhelmed or below par and want to redirect your focus and energy
  • You’re struggling to optimise relationships in your team, which is impacting performance

How does our coaching work?

  • We provide a safe space to step back, explore your toughest challenges and gain greater clarity around the change you want to create
  • We work holistically with your values and beliefs so you can shift thoughts and behaviours and break down any limiting beliefs
  • We operate in a place of high support and high challenge to help you see your own blind-spots and do your best thinking
  • We help you consider how different parts of your life impact on you so you can develop your resilience and wellbeing
  • We use a range of coaching models and diagnostics where appropriate to help build your self-awareness e.g. Mindset Advantage, MBTI, Clarity4D, EQ-i

What will you gain from coaching?

Clients tell us they:

  • Become more strategic
  • Create high performing teams
  • Improve stakeholder relationships
  • Leverage capacity and productivity
  • Gain greater life satisfaction

We offer a range of one-to-one coaching packages in person or via Zoom/Teams to suit your needs including:

  • Coaching journey – take on your biggest leadership challenges with a block of coaching sessions (normally 6 – 9 sessions)
  • Coaching intensive – longer intensive coaching sessions to help you refocus or renergise
  • Coaching in nature – outdoor sessions that help restore calm and fire your creativity

If you’d like to discuss how coaching might help you achieve your goals, contact one of our Coach Directors.

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