Matthew Syed Consulting Mindset Advantage Accredited Partner

Mindset Advantage

We are proud to be one of a handful of Accredited Partners to Matthew Syed Consulting in the UK, and to share the update below on the Partner Programme.

The accredited partner programme launched in January 2020, offering selected companies the training and support to utilise Mindset Advantage, growth mindset psychometric, with their clients as part of their leadership development and transformation programmes.

The programme has grown in popularity and reach to include partners in Australia and the Middle East as well the UK, some of them offering international capabilities in their own right. Partners now have extensive experience in effectively applying the Mindset Advantage diagnostic in both pre- and post-hire talent management programmes. Also, as the competition for new talent increases around the globe, partners are experiencing higher demand for the Matthew Syed Mindset Advantage recruitment guide as part of their executive recruitment offering.

The accredited partner programme forms part of Matthew Syed Consulting’s strategy to make the Mindset Advantage diagnostic easily accessible to clients for use in major culture transformation projects and international talent programmes. Results to date continue to reinforce Mindset Advantage as a unique assessment of growth mindset at an individual, team and organisational level to drive high performance.

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