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Building a Great Story through Brand

‘Brand’ – is it just the latest HR and OD buzz word, or an increasingly important business driver? Employer branding relates to an organisation’s reputation as an employer – it’s the way organisations differentiate themselves in the job market, enabling them to recruit, retain and engage the right people. A strong employer brand helps businesses compete for the best talent and establish credibility. An increasing focus is emerging however on Employee Branding – what your employees Read more

Pay & The Illusion of Equality – When is a Gap a Hole

For years, forward thinking and responsible employers have been carrying out Equal Pay Audits to assess compliance with pay equality legislation. In many sectors the outcome will have resulted in Boards and Executive teams congratulating themselves on their equality credentials. Read more

The Future of Work is History

It’s the topic of our times – The Future of Work, and the impact of increased technology. But hasn’t that been the case throughout history? So, what’s different about the times we live in? It could be argued not much, other than speed and connectivity. ……Ok, so that is a key difference. Read more