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Another exciting Distinctive partnership – Willo Talent

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As part of our drive to disrupt the executive recruitment process, we are very pleased to announce a further new partnership with Willo – a video interviewing platform connecting talent with opportunity through technology.


When used to replace those interminable candidate supporting statements, Willo offers a seamless 24 hour user experience that really helps potential candidates put across what they have to offer quickly and easily, with the flexibility to submit video interviews day or night, on any device, anywhere in the world. The benefits to our clients in speeding up the process and discovering top talent earlier are clear!


We are looking forward to working with Euan and the team as they continue to push boundaries and further develop this new and innovative tool to reflect streamlined and candidate focused recruitment practice.


A Distinctive new design & branding partnership!

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We are delighted to announce that we are now working in partnership with Bright Collie for all our design and branding needs.

With their strapline of ‘Lead. Don’t Follow’ this group of bright people with bright ideas are just what we were looking for in a design partner. They mirror our approach in working collaboratively – and they produce creative designs underpinned by strong commercial awareness. Bright Collie will be working with us to produce client communication, information packs, adverts and social media visuals – so we and our clients can be confident of high quality and impactful communication to deliver results.

Distinctive People look forward to working with Huw and the team!

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