The changing world of housing and care

Remember the old days when career development involved committing yourself for life to a particular function or discipline and convincing yourself that the only way is up?

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The world has changed – and that includes housing and care.

The breadth of career opportunities that now exist are almost unlimited, and in many instances make a ‘vertical progression’ approach as outdated as the horse and cart.

In fact, the horse and cart analogy is a good one – you wouldn’t try to get a horse to push the cart, so put yourself in the driving seat and ensure the horse pulls your cart to wherever you want to go.

The Distinctive career management model is simple yet powerful, changing the mindset to focus decision making on ‘feel and value’ as opposed to ‘what and how’.

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It’s been said that passion is the difference between having a job and having a career – and this is true.

Identifying your passion – however irrelevant it may appear to be – is the start of your career development journey.

Dig deep on this – really think about what you are most interested in, and what do you most engage in – because Interest + Engagement = Passion.


Having defined your passion, consider dispassionately your strengths – and get feedback from others on this.

What are you great at? What do people come to you for?

The Strengthsfinder Exercise can be helpful here as it encourages you to reflect on aspects you wouldn’t normally consider. You need to believe in yourself and what strengths you bring.


What Reward do you look for from your career? Is it financial or status driven? Do you want flexibility and balance?

Are you motivated by prestige, recognition, and validation? Or do you want to make a difference and advocate for a cause?

Again, honesty with yourself is important here, as this will define the type of role and organisation that will fit best for you.


And finally – where are the opportunities that may meet your needs? Look around the sectors and organisations that potentially interest you based on your analysis of the above three factors.

Talk to successful individuals in these organisations to understand what has driven their career and how to access opportunities. And network to build your reputation.

In summary, what drives most people is what sits within.

Successful career planning needs to start from the opposite end of the traditional spectrum, so the Distinctive approach is aimed at identifying what lights your fire and then shaping your plan around your drivers.

Allow your passion to become your purpose, and it will one day become your profession.

Article originally published on: 24Housing 

Written by: Denise Kirkham