It has been said that a focused Board concentrates on strategic oversight and governance practices to avoid an organisation getting lost in the forest. There are growing and changing expectations on Boards, and the challenges of ensuring effective business assurance are increasing. In the current strategic environment, the importance of effective governance is arguably greater than ever.

Expectations are therefore high in terms of the quality and diversity of Non-Executive Directors and we work with you in the following key areas to ensure these expectations are met:

  • Board/NED Recruitment
  • Board Member Appraisal
  • Board Development activity
  • Governance Handbook production and review

Our expertise and credentials in working with Boards are extensive, and our experience and approach ensure that we work with you in a sensitive and confidential way. We adopt a solution-based approach to working with Boards and align all activity to organisational culture and values.

A strategic Board has vision to look ahead, insight to look deeper, and competency to look beyond Pearl Zhu, Author and Global Executive